Pledge 12 for the Homeless Youth Initiative

The Homeless Youth Initiative (HYI) serves 15 to 18-year-olds who do not live with their parents and are still attending high school. Their primary goal is to assist these youth and becoming self-sufficient by providing them with tools and resources they will need to be successful in an independent living situation. 

Elizabeth Check has been a volunteer with this group for six years. On August 12, 2020 this 68-year-old woman will hike to the top of Medicine Bow Mountain 12,014 feet in Wyoming to raise funds for the group. 


Elizabeth Check explained, “I am blessed with good health and I am deeply committed to the mission of HYI. Homeless teenagers are an underserved group, they are very much in need and very dear to my heart. 12,000 feet is a little higher than I’ve ever gone before and the route is a little longer. This will be a stretch but I’m excited to do it, especially for such a great cause.” 

Elizabeth is asking for pledges of $12 for 12,000 feet for her hike on August 12. 


For more information on the Homeless Youth Initiative visit the webpage.
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