Allen’s Story

Allen Atkins is a proud Veteran of the US Air Force. His duties with the Special Forces as a Squad Commander refined his determination and his commitment never to give up.


Allen photo

Today, you would never know the depth of his medical struggles if he didn’t tell you….and he isn’t one to complain. Even after four strokes, two heart attacks and many falls, Allen is determined to live in his own home as long as he can.

“I’ve had more stitches that I can count (from falling),” lamented Allen.

After his last heart attack, he spent 3 months in a coma and 18 months in rehabilitation. But he is determined to stay in his home.

“If you put me in a nursing home, I’d just go there to die,” objects Allen. “At home, I can cook what I want when I want it. I can watch what I want. I have my dog Red. We take care of each other here at home.”

In October, DRA installed a lift into Allen’s trailer. There just wasn’t enough room to build a ramp into his mobile home, but the electric lift fits just fine.

“This lift has given me freedom I haven’t had in a long time!” said Allen. “Now I can get out when I need to. When the weather is nice, I go get my own mail.”

Freedom is made up of many small things. For Allen, getting his own mail is one of them. DRA is happy to be able to restore a measure of freedom and independence to a man who has given his life to protect our country and understands the value of freedom more than most