Bill’s Story

Bill photo

Billy Bike Boy transforms to Superman, Man of Steel

Bill grew up in Pevely, and if you did too, you may know him as “Billy, the Bike Boy.” Born with Cerebral Palsy, Bill has had a Can-Do attitude his whole life. When he could not drive a car, he decided that he COULD ride his bike. He was so good at it that he would ride all over town. Sometimes he even beat his brother home who would drive at the same time from the junk yard where they both worked.

“I have always liked tinkering with things and keeping things clean. My brother set up a job for me at his junk yard so I could help out,” remembers Bill.

Bill comes from a big family. “There are eight of us kids total, all the way from here to Cape Girardeau.” His family and friends do a lot to help him when he needs it.

A few years ago, Bill had a health crisis that turned out to be serious sepsis in his spine. Doctors replaced his crumbling vertebra with steel rods, making him a man of steel. It took every superpower he could muster to make it through the months of therapy that followed. Today, he is back in his own home where he cares for his dog Noel and visits with his many friends and family.

DRA’s nurse Dawn has visited Bill for the 3 years since his surgery to set up his medication and to monitor his overall health. Having Dawn’s help has helped make sure Bill stays in his own home. “She has helped me so much. I couldn’t ask for a better nurse. I know I can count on her for whatever I need” said Bill.

Dawn has grown to admire Bill’s amazing attitude. “He just refuses to give up. Bill never asks, ‘Why me?!?’” says Dawn. “He is always determined to get back up. His only fault is that he tries to do TOO MUCH on his own,” laughs Dawn. “Sometimes when I get here, Bill will be out in his yard with his weed eater or leaf blower, just working away.”

Even though he depends on a wheelchair to get around, Bill still works diligently to keep his lawn and deck looking good. An animal lover, he enjoys watching the squirrels and bunnies in his yard or playing fetch with Noel.

Bill also enjoys watching and even riding motorcycles. The Herculaneum Amvets have hosted Benefit Bike Rides for him, and one of his friends even takes him for a ride on his bike.

Bill and Dawn photo

Bill is hoping Christmas comes early this year. He is waiting for the delivery of his new electric wheelchair. It has been a long process to apply for this wheelchair and choose the features he needs.  “I can’t wait for my new chair,” said Bill. “I’ll be back in the driver’s seat again!”

Bill and Dawn photo

And those who know him best, know that his positive attitude and his determination make him a modern-day Superman.