Bill’s “Don’t Quit!” Attitude Inspires Many

Bill was knocked down a few years ago when doctors told him he had Stage 4 cancer throughout his body. But he didn’t give up.

When he first heard his cancer diagnosis, Bill said it was as if he’d been thrown in the ocean and someone yelled, “Shark!”

“I was terrified at first!” remembered Bill. “But I have learned that cancer is not always a death sentence.” His doctor told him not to go home and just wait to die. Bill decided to take that advice and live whatever life he had left to the fullest.

“When life knocks you down, you get up,” said Bill. “You’ve got to fight and fight some more. You never know what good tomorrow will bring.”

“Cancer is a journey into the unknown,” Bill said, “And it has no mercy.” Bill’s journey with cancer has really helped to see what really matters. “Life is very precious and worth fighting for.”

Bill has learned that people matter most in life. His biggest motivation to keep going is to be with his son and family. He knows there are many people who want him to succeed. They are praying for him, and their prayers are being answered every day.

Bill is very thankful for the medical equipment that DRA has provided. He also thanks his DRA aide Kathy who helps keep his apartment clean and his spirit encouraged.

Bill and Kathy

“I would like to thank DRA for your kindness and compassion in helping with my needs – equipment, transportation, and housekeeping (and occasionally a shoulder to cry on.)”

Bill hopes he can encourage others with his message of hope. Bill already inspires people in his housing community in Arnold. He also inspires others at the gym where he works out regularly, despite the pain in his bones and the weakness his cancer treatments have caused.

Bill also loves to paint. He has painted all his life, and when his mother passed away several years ago his drawings helped get him through that difficult time. He especially loves to paint animals and nature, and artist Bob Kuhn is his inspiration.

Bill wants people to remember him, not for his pain and suffering, but for his determination to fight and refuse to give up.

“Everyone has a story we write, direct, and star in. How it ends is up to us. I want to encourage anyone with cancer to ask God for the strength to fight your battle. Cancer does not have to be a death sentence. Choose to live. I did!”

Bill and painting