Independent Living Skills Training

What is Independent Living Skills Training?
Independent Living Skills Training includes almost anything an individual may need to maintain or increase their level of personal independence.

What ILS services can be provided? 
DRA provides an Independent Living Specialist (ILS) to assist each person in the development of an Independent Living Plan. Together the individual and ILS set goals and develop action steps in order for the individual to achieve their goals. This process provides the opportunity for individuals to learn the skills and develop the necessary resources to maximize personal independence. This service will primarily be provided on an individual basis; only in the unique situation where the consumer will receive greater benefit from other than a 1:1 situation, will a group method of providing service be recommended.

What are some examples of IL skills training
Topics of skills training include, but are not limited to: use of community resources, budgeting, transportation skills, cooking skills, self-advocacy, household management, nutrition, organizational skills, communication skills and stress management.