Low Vision Technology

Low Vision program photo

What type of low vision technology services are available at DRA?

Low vision services are provided by utilizing equipment and programs materials provided by Rehabilitation Services for the Blind.


What type of equipment is available at DRA?

DRA is equipped with a Low Vision Center featuring a variety of magnifiers, close circuit television enlarger, large print calendars, signature cards, and more.


How are low vision assessments conducted and equipment provided?

Individuals are given direction as to what adaptive equipment may be useful in their situation and can actually use the available items. Once an individual determines that a piece of equipment meets their immediate needs, that item is loaned to them.

After equipment is loaned, a representative from Rehabilitation Services for the Blind will visit them in person to provide permanent equipment for daily use. All equipment loaned by DRA is returned after the individual receives further services from Rehabilitation Services for the Blind. This process maintains the equipment supply of the Low Vision center.


How much does this service cost?

This service is provided free of charge.

Because grant funds only cover a portion of the cost to actually provide these services, donations are always welcome to allow DRA to provide this service for all who need it.


How can I request Low Vision Technology?

Please call DRA at (636) 931-7696 to request Low Vision Technology Services or fill out this online Program Request Form here.