Medical Equipment Loans

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What are Medical Equipment Loan Services?

This program offers long and short-term loans of medical equipment and therapeutic items including wheelchairs, walkers, canes, shower chairs, and other disability-related items.

What costs are associated with this program?

Equipment is loaned out to consumers at no cost for as long as they need it.

If the consumer has medical insurance and needs assistance to find the right piece of equipment or a more permanent solution, DRA is also happy to assist with this process.


Do you accept donations of durable medical equipment?

Yes! DRA’s equipment loan program subsists largely on equipment donations from individuals and the community. We are always looking for more equipment in order to ensure no one is kept waiting for an essential item. All donated equipment is sanitized and checked for safety.

How can I sign up for an equipment loan or donate equipment?

Please call DRA at (636) 931-7696 to request an equipment loan or to arrange a donation. Or fill out the Program Request Form below.

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