Simulated Driving Lessons

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What are DRA’s Simulated Driving Lessons?

During the past 20 years of serving youth with disabilities and their families, DRA has encountered many families who need a way to determine if their young adult is a candidate to be a safe driver.


The Simulator may also assist adults who are aging or those who are rehabilitating from an accident or disability. 

In response, DRA secured grant funding and purchased a DVT3 Simulator from Virtual Driver Interactive.  This Driving Simulator assesses critical cognitive, physical and visual capacities to determine whether or not a potential driver has the ability to operate a vehicle safely and effectively.

The DVT3 Simulator is a set of 3 panoramic computer screens, a complete steering consul, and foot pedals. The computer runs software that has approximately five hours of structured training modules incorporating various simulated driving experiences.  The software also offers a “free drive” component which allows unlimited driving practice on various roadways ranging from city streets to highway to country roads. This portion provides immediate feedback on the screen and deducts points for each unsafe decision. The software includes a pre-test and post-test along with 14 narrated lessons providing a total of at least five hours of training. The 14 lessons covering topics such as Car Control, Managing Intersections, Safe Following Distance, Weather and Road Conditions, Parking Lots and Backing Dangers, and Deterring Distracted Driving. If the student has the core skills needed to operate a vehicle, the software then tests his/her performance in real-life driving situations. This includes driving in busy city traffic, expressways, at night, in adverse weather, and in other risky and complex situations.

Students schedule five individual sessions lasting one hour each.  If the student is unable to complete all 14 training sessions in five hours, additional sessions can be scheduled.  Upon successful completion of all 14 sessions, participants receive a Certificate of Completion.


Driving simulator photo

Who qualifies for Driving Simulator Services?

Priority is given to candidates with a disability and scholarship funds are only available for youth or older adults with a disability.

Any youth age 16 and up and any older adult is welcome to sign up for Simulated Driving lessons.


How much do Driving Simulator Services cost?

The cost for Simulated Driving lessons is $25 per lesson, or $125 for a 5-week session.

Thanks to State Farm Foundation, scholarship funds are available to cover all or part of the cost of these lessons for eligible candidates. Call today to apply for these scholarship funds.


How do I sign up for Driving Simulator Services?

Call DRA today to set up your Driving Simulator sessions at (636) 931-7696 or fill out this online request form today.