Who We Are

The mission of Disability Resource Association is personal empowerment for individuals with disabilities, seniors, and those in need.

Provide Information and Referral
Provide Advocacy to reduce social barriers
Provide peer support to increase self-reliance
Provide independent living skills focused on personal goals
Provide transitions from institutions to the community
Provide access to affordable housing in a community of your choice

We believe individuals should be able to live with self-determination and participate fully in the community of their choice.

We believe in identifying and creating opportunities for individuals to find secure and challenging employment.

We believe that every individual should have the opportunity to live in accessible and affordable housing in the community of their choice.

We believe that policy makers and the general public should not patronize any individual regardless of social, physical or economic status.

We believe that each individual is an architect of the organization thus determining DRA’s form and future.

We believe and promote self-reliance and personal choice for all individuals

We believe in maintaining an environment of mutual respect where open communication is encouraged and practiced throughout the organization.

We believe our greatest strength lies in a committed staff that works together to implement these values and beliefs in our community.

We believe that everyone involved with DRA should respect and promote diversity in our community and the organization.